PIG MACHINES – Pig Animal Sex, Boar Fuck Girls

Description: PIG MACHINES – Pig Animal Sex, Boar Fuck Girls

Woman and male pig sex tips

I’ve had sex with my mom’s boar ten or so time and here are some tips for boar sex

First, you should know that a breeding boar, one that is used all the time for sows, is not for you. They become very aggressive and can easily injure you. You really should think about one of the smaller breeds that normally doesn’t go over 250 pounds, or so. You should get a male piglet and hand raise it so that it is your pet. Pigs are smarter than dogs and train easy since they are extremely food oriented.

Second, you really need to enjoy contact -in- your cervix and large amounts of thick semen. A pig’s penis is designed to get into the cervix. As he fucks, the curly tip turns inside the vagina seeking the cervix. The tip is very slender and made to slide into the cervix. Once the cervical entrance is found the pig’s curly tip will “lock” into your cervix and the pig’s fucking will slow down.

Third, you should enjoy a big, big load. After he locks into your cervix he will begin to cum a lot. Some pigs can pump out almost two cups of cum. At first, the semen is clear and somewhat thin. Then a thicker, milky semen that has most of the sperm comes, a lot comes. Lastly some very thick semen like jelly is slowly pumped inside you.

It takes a pig about 15 – 20 minutes to cum. The whole time his tip is in your cervix. Every time he squirts his tip will flex and massage your cervix. The shaft is narrow so it is mostly the tip in your cervix that does the sexy stuff. Plus being filled really full of thick cum. That thick cum can stay in you for days so you should be ready for that. It can slide out much later without much warning.

But if you like all that (like me) the boar sex could be your new thing

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