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Dog-Licked Wives – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: Dog-Licked Wives – Bestiality PDF Journal

Zoophilia Book Info:
File Name: 154 Dog-Licked Wives – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 1.82 MB
Total pages: 117

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: Faith Childs, an attractive twenty-eight year-old widow, was sitting at her desk with her
long legs propped up on the desk top and her flowing red hair bunched around her
naked shoulders. High cheek bones, thin red lips, a narrow nose, and catlike green eyes
made up her lovely face. She ran one finger back and forth across one page of a large
black book, studying the day’s appointments. She could easily see that she had a very
busy day ahead of her.
After one year of hard work Faith’s business was finally going well. She had believed all
along that a dog kennel could be a profitable enterprise, if she managed it right. And
that was her secret of success – she’d known from the very start exactly how to manage
her kennel.
The sign outside her front gate read: "The Hilldale Kennel Farm." Here Faith kept dogs
of all breeds and sizes, renting the animals out for a nice profit. But Faith didn’t rent
her dogs out to be seeing-eye dogs or watchdogs or hunting dogs. She was much too
smart for that! She knew she could easily go broke running that type of business and
besides, she saw no fun and excitement in it. And fun and excitement were very
important to Faith.

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