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Girls School Pet – Bestiality PDF Journal

Book Title: Girls School Pet – Bestiality PDF Journal

Zoophilia Book Info:
File Name: 104 Girls School Pet – Bestiality PDF Journal
Format: pdf
Size: 2.48 MB
Total pages: 112

Genre: Animal Sex Book

Description: Arm in arm the two girls came skipping gaily down the path, their faces radiant with
youthful exuberance. At first glance they seemed to look alike, despite the fact that one
was blonde and the other dark, but on closer examination it became evident that it was
only their beauty that matched them.
The blonde girl was a little taller, her lushly curved body a little fuller. Big blue eyes
helped set off her creamy pink complexion, and all in all she gave off an aura of beaten
gold, fresh rose petals and rich cream.
Her companion was smaller and more slender but in some way looked even more
lushly developed. Perhaps it was the sinuous and sensual way her body was formed,
with high upstanding breasts thrusting out proudly from a graceful torso that bloomed
out again into tightly rounded hips above long slender legs. Her hair was made up of
rich dark tones hard to define, perhaps a little more black than brown and matched by
the smoky color of her eyes. With her, one would think of night and heat and warm
passionate embraces.

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